Tips Photographing With Camera Smartphone

Smartphone is one of the things that most can not get away from the modern life. That's because smartphones provide convenience for the consumer. The form is not too big to make smartphone ddi very easy to carry everywhere. In addition, the smartphone also very multifunctional and can be used for various activities such as communication, Internet browsing, and even today there are many smartphones that have a capable camera quality that can be used for photography.
However, the images taken using smartphone cameras can not necessarily as good as the photos taken by using SLR or DSLR camera. But despite all that, you still can really maximize the photos you take using the smartphone's camera becomes better and attractive. Here are some tips on taking pictures with the camera smartphone.
1. Avoid Zoom and Flash
To obtain a good photograph denagn using smartphone cameras, you should avoid using zzom feature on the smartphone's camera. That's because if you use the zoom feature numerous times for taking distant objects can make the image to be blurry and broken. If you want to get a photo of the object more clearly, you should approach the object you are going to the photo. In addition, you should also avoid using the flash feature when photographing objects that are outside the room. The use of flash will only make the images you become unnatural and ugly. Please use the flash only when you take pictures of objects that exist indoors and in low light conditions.
2. Extra Lens
In order for the images to be visible nice and interesting, would not hurt you to use additional lenses on the camera using your smartphone, such as fish eye, wide, macro, and so forth.
3 Use the Applications Edit Photos
Once you get the photo you want, do not rush to go directly to share your photos to social media. You better first edit foro you take before using foro editing application that you can get for free by downloading it in the App Market are like PicsArt and PicSay. You can add certain effects to make your photos become more attractive. However, you should not be too add effects to photos yes because it will only make your photo becomes unattractive. After finishing the edit, new deh shared to social media.
4. Lighting
Lighting is one of the most important things that must be considered in the photo shoot. The better peencahayaannya, then the better the image produced. To obtain a good photograph, you should use natural light such as sunlight. Take photographs as the morning and evening. That's because at that time the sun was at a low angle.
5. Stability of Hand
In taking photographs, hand steady influence on the resulting photographs. If the current photo pengembilan your hands unsteady, it can cause the images to be blurry. Therefore, pengannglah your smartphone as stable as possible because the more steady your hand while memotre, it will be the better the picture you produce. If you do not want to bother to take a photo, you can use a tripod or tongsis that the smartphone will not be shaken when taking photos.

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