Best Foods To Make Face Masks

Has a face that halu, bright, and free of acne is a dream of everyone, especially the women. Therefore, no wonder so many women to spend a lot of money to do various perwatan expensive and also buy cream kecatikan. Yet as we know if beauty cream is not necessarily safe for use. If you do not match up to the skin can cause your face will be damaged. To get a beautiful skin, you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can use the materials of food in your daour. Although the results are not immediate, but treatments using natural ingredients is much safer and the results are no less satisfying as using an expensive beauty creams. Approximately what ya foods that can be used to make a face mask? Here are some foods ternaik to make a face mask.
1. Bananas
Who does not know the fruit of this one? Fruit is much preferred because it has a very delicious taste proved to have benefits for skin health, you know. That is because bananas contain vitamin A, B, and E are very high so as to make banana digunnakan very suitable as material for making a natural face mask. How to make it, first take the bananas are ripe, then puree bananas until completely smooth, as smooth and then you can directly apply it to the face until evenly distributed. Let stand for about 10-20 minutes then rinse with water until clean. Bananas memiiki benefits to make your skin becomes smooth and still retain moisture. In addition, bananas can also exfoliate the dead skin on your face so that your face will look brighter and free from acne.
2. Avocado
Creamy fruit that this one is one of the fruits that contain a lot of the nutrients such as vitamin A and antioxidants, so you can make an avocado as materials for natural mask. Masks made from avocado has a very good benefit for those of you who have dry skin types. That's because it contains avocado oil and good fats that could guard your skin moisture. For best results, you can mencapurkan half a mashed avocado fruit with a teaspoon of olive oil. Once blended, you can apply an avocado to the entire face evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with water until clean. With melakuka this treatment can make your skin softer Terada, toned and bright.
3. Milk
Efficacy of milk for skin beauty is not in doubt. It terbukati with many faces kecantkan products that use milk as an ingredient of their beauty products. Facial treatment using the milk was already known since the time of Cleopatra. Milk is often used for skin care and has proven benefits. To make a mask, you should make use of full cream powdered milk because the fat content can be fully utilized. How to make this mask is to mencamourkan 2 tablespoons of powdered milk with 1 tablespoon of honey and hot water. Let stand for a few moments until slightly cooled, then apply on your face until evenly distributed. Let stand for 15 minutes until the mask dries, then rinse with water until clean.

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